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Leaving an outdated, unsuitable car for a comfortable ride on the balance sheet is irrational. It not only occupies a usable area in the garage or in the yard but also requires payment of a considerable tax on the maintenance of a personal vehicle. In addition, worn parts of the structure emit harmful substances into the atmosphere that adversely affect the state of ecology. If you dispose of the car according to all the rules, you can profitably get rid of a pile of metal.
The law that came into force “Law on car recycling” allows you to get a larger discount on the purchase of a new domestic car in case of legal processing of the old one. To do this, the owner, first of all, needs to remove the means of transportation from the balance and draw up all documents confirming the regulated processing. And to carry out a technologically very complex procedure, car owners are increasingly turning to professionals from specialized companies.

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How is the recycling of old cars performed?

Service employees deliver the car to a specially equipped place for its disassembly into components. Experts separate metal, plastic, rubber, and glass fragments. Under a strong press, they are crushed and turned into braces blocks. Then follows the stage of melting of fractions into secondary raw materials, which is transferred to specialized companies for the manufacture of new transport equipment.
Car recycling points process toxic liquids that harm the environment and human health. Components are also drained in order to prevent the fire situation when processing car fractions on the press and other heavy equipment. Operations are performed by highly qualified employees who adhere to all technological rules and guarantee an excellent result.

If you hand over your vehicle for Car Removals Sunshine Coast, you can get many advantages:

  • It is profitable for yourself to get rid of the non-chiastic design and purchase a new car of domestic production at a discount provided by the recycling program;
  • Neutralize man-made automobile waste, protect the environment from various toxic compounds;
  • Remove the vehicle from the balance without long bureaucratic red tape – the employees of Cash for Cars Sunshine Coast will help with the paperwork;
  • To resolve the issue of removing the obligation to pay taxes on a car unused by you or a trustee.
  • When legally redesigned cars are taken off the register, they no longer need to pay any duties.

How much does it cost to dispose of a car in Sunshine Coast?

John Car Removal, whose employees have been specializing in the professional processing of cars for many years, offers the most democratic prices for this procedure. Our specialists have all the necessary permits and licenses.

In addition, we are provided with:

  • qualified information support on various recycling issues;
  • official certificate of disposal of the car, which gives all the benefits under the law;
  • guarantee of timely and high-quality performance of works by effective and environmentally harmless methods.

If you need to order the processing of cars quickly and on the most favorable terms, call or email the managers of Car Removals Sunshine Coast. We dispose of cars in any state, in the capital and with departure to the suburbs!


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