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Why choose “John Car Removal” for cash for car Gold Coast service?

  • Accreditation: We issue documents on disposal on legal grounds.
  • Formalize: We draw up contracts in the prescribed form, have all the necessary licenses. Cash and non-cash payment.
  • Cooperate with all clients: We work with legal entities and individuals, budgetary institutions.
  • Conduct an expert assessment for write-off: We determine the residual value of the car necessary for registration of accounting documents and write-off from the account.
  • Evacuate free of charge: You do not have to take your car to the disposal point. Own fleet of tow trucks allows you to pick up your vehicle directly from the parking lot.
  • Dispose of at the parking lot: Free disposal at the parking place of transport on the day of treatment, including in the region.

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How to dispose of the car?

Step 1
You: Contact cash for car Gold Coast by leaving a request on the website or making a call.
We are: Our manager will contact you and discuss the time and place of removal of the car.
Step 2
You: Send us scans: PTS, STS, passport of a citizen of the Brisbane territory. Or bring it personally to our office.
We are: We draw up a contract for the disposal of cars, an act of acceptance and transfer of cars, draw up a certificate from the traffic police on the removal of the vehicle from the register.
Step 3
You: You receive a contract and an act of acceptance and transfer, confirmation of car deregistration, copies of our licenses, monetary compensation for auto-metal or a certificate for a discount for the purchase of a new vehicle.
We are: We evacuate your vehicle from the parking place to the disposal point free of charge.

Step 4
You: Draw up in the traffic police removal of the vehicle from the register. Contact the official dealership to purchase a new car if you have a certificate.


Where are cars accepted for recycling?

Disposal is carried out by institutions that have received permission for this activity – a license. Our institution is just one of those. An official license gives us the right to dispose of any vehicles at our sites.

What documents will be required for the delivery of cars for disposal?

Recycling of the car is mandatory to remove it from the register and stop the accrual of transport tax. To dispose of the car, you need a personal passport of the owner of the vehicle, a certificate of registration of the vehicle, the passport of the vehicle and the car itself.

Is it possible to arrange recycling if the car was sold by proxy, and the new owner disappeared, and all new tax payments come?

In such a situation, it is recommended to declare to the traffic police about deregistration due to the loss of the vehicle. The recycling organization issues certificates only by accepting the car for disposal.

How to dispose of the car, if all the documents for it are lost?

You write an application to the traffic police to provide a certificate for disposal, in which you indicate that the documents were lost under uncertain circumstances and when you find the documents, you undertake to return them to the traffic police. With this reference, you can dispose of the car and even get a discount on the purchase of a new car.

How to deliver the car for disposal, if it is not on the go?

It’s that simple. When contacting us, the tow truck will take your car to the recycling site free of charge. You no longer have to worry about an old car, its storage and payment of taxes.

Parting with the car correctly

The issue of disposal of vehicles unsuitable for further operation can become a real problem for the car owner. To get rid of the car, its owner has to go through all the “circles of Hell”, spend time and nerves, not to mention financial expenses, which are sometimes difficult to control. For our company, car recycling is the main activity. Car removals Gold Coast offer their clients a comprehensive approach to solving this issue, so that parting with the failed “iron horse” took a minimum of time, did not require unplanned expenses, did not cause trouble and did not lead to a misunderstanding with the regulatory authorities (traffic police, environmental service, etc.). This is especially true for firms and enterprises, the fleet of which is constantly updated, and old cars need to be disposed of correctly and in accordance with current standards, including accounting documents.

Advantages of cooperation

The main advantage of working with us is that we adhere to the principle of an individual approach when working with the Customer. Of course, the recycling of cars in Brisbane and the region is put “on stream” in terms of the use of special equipment and technologies. But at the same time, for us, each order is an individual project, the implementation of which we approach, considering all the complexities and features of a particular task.

We do not limit the circle of our Clients, so we work with both individuals and legal entities.